Keep your professionals up to date and certified

A sector full of challenges

The construction sector faces many challenges. First of all, there is a shortage of raw materials and an even greater shortage of skilled workers. We can also add global warming to that list, as well as far-reaching digitisation and a complex regulatory environment. No wonder that organisations are moving towards new initiatives such as industrialisation in order to still be able to meet the large demand for housing, for example. But how do you keep your craftsmen on the construction site certified and up to date with all these innovations, without it costing you too much time?

These organisations are already working on their future with Studytube

  • Van Wijnen
  • VolkerWessels
  • De Vries en Verburg
  • Kropman
  • Coen Hagedoorn
  • Vink Bouw

With the right certificates on the construction site

Choosing Studytube is choosing innovation. Our complete learning platform makes it possible to fully automate your certificate management; important if you need to demonstrate that you are working in accordance with the latest safety regulations in order to retain your licence to operate.

  • Central certificate management, including storing certificates in files, automatic requests for recertification, and a link between all certificates and your staff system.
  • Clear overviews that give you insight into who has attended which training courses, and who has obtained which certificates. You can determine how often supervisors receive reports on expiring certifications.
  • Rich reports allow you to quickly determine who has the most suitable competencies for construction site X or Y, so that the right knowledge always ends up at the right construction site.

Make learning accessible for all your professionals

Studytube brings together all the training courses for your construction staff in one user-friendly place. Because we facilitate flexible learning, your employees can develop independently - anywhere, anytime. As a result, after a day's work, they no longer have to attend training sessions on location in their spare time. This makes (mandatory) training easier and less stressful.

  • One central learning environment where your employees have direct access to all mandatory training courses for the construction industry, such as VCA, first aid and scaffolding.
  • The Learning Experience Platform not only gives your employees insight into their mandatory certificates, but also inspires them to supplement these with optional courses for their personal development.
  • Device-independent learning, so your professionals can follow courses on their tablet, phone and/or laptop.
  • Thanks to an advanced search function and handy filter options, you can quickly and easily navigate through the external courses of recognised training providers such as Bouwradius, KPE and TVVL.

Organising learning efficiently

Studytube provides enormous time savings and significant ease in the organisation and implementation of your learning policy. The streamlining and automation of all processes removes the administrative burden. Construction companies can easily save 75% to 95% of the time they normally spend on communicating about training courses, requesting reports and managing certificates.

  • A highly automated qualification management, including automatic triggers: based on self-selected variables (e.g. department, position, completion of a training course, etc.), you can automatically assign a learning intervention or on-the-job training to those who are eligible.
  • A convenient arrangement for all communication about your learning policy, such as invitations to training courses, automatic scheduling of training courses in your calendar, and automatic messaging.
  • Easily create your own digital toolbox meetings that your professionals can follow online, so that they no longer all have to come to a fixed (and, for some, distant) location.

Construction companies need skilled professionals to work safely and sustainably. Discover how Studytube can help with that.