Top-quality learning content in minutes with the power of AI

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Trusted by over 500 top organizations

Time-Saving Revolution: Minutes to Mastery!

Our AI-Enhanced Authoring Tool turns hours of educational development into minutes. Transform onboarding, sales, and compliance training like never before. Seamlessly integrate into your workflow with guaranteed 100% data security.

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Rapid Creation of Elite Learning Content

Crafting effective learning material typically requires 100 hours and costs €8,000 to €10,000 per hour. Our AI Co-Pilot redefines speed and quality.

Input your brief, upload documents, and witness your training materialize swiftly. Our tool empowers you to be both an educational strategist and a creative director. Ready to lead the L&D revolution?

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Empowering Everyone to Share Knowledge

Our AI-driven Authoring Tool is equipped with the latest technological capabilities. Of course, we support all e-learning standards, such as SCORM, LTI, xAPI, and AICC. But you also receive smart suggestions for new learning content, with the help of AI. This makes it even easier to transfer the right knowledge in the right way.

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Make Sharing Knowledge a Habit

By producing relevant and company-specific training yourself, you make learning and development fun again. You can upload almost any type of file, receive helpful tips, and easily tag your colleagues when your training is complete. Is it relevant for an entire team? Then as a manager, you can effortlessly assign it to a certain profile. You can also easily create learning paths with the Authoring Tool.

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Uncompromised Safety and Compliance

With our authoring tool with AI Co-Pilot, you retain your internal expertise, and documents and data in your own secluded, ISO-certified environment where data is isolated within 1 training. You create better training programs. We guarantee safe and reliable learning.

Maximize Impact with Our AI Co-Pilot

  • With Studytube’s AI-Enhanced Authoring Tool

    Greater learning impact through the application of educational expertise and prompting techniques

    Learning Content Perfectly Tailored to Demands and Skill Levels

    Empower Internal Knowledge Experts for L&D at Scale

    Specially Developed to Make an Impact with L&D on Organizational Goals

    Seamlessly Integrated into Your Learning Platform Workflow

    Your Knowledge and Expertise 100% Safe and Compliant

    Studytube is Your Partner in Essential Up-/Reskilling and Change Management Support

  • With ChatGPT

    No Educational Expertise



    Generic Learning Experience


    No Specific Tools for Collaboration


    Doesn’t Care About Organizational Goals


    Separate, Standalone Tool


    No Guarantee of Safety


    No Support for Up-/Reskilling and Change Management


We want employees to increasingly create online content themselves. That currently takes a lot of time, so it’s great to have an authoring tool that helps shorten the turnaround time.

Ruth Polman-Hogewind_goed

Ruth Polman-Hogewind

MBO Amersfoort


The more often we let colleagues share knowledge themselves, the easier the work becomes for us as L&D specialists. It starts with ensuring they have the right tool to create content themselves.

Arne van Triest_still

Arne van Triest



There is a solid didactic foundation behind the tool. But as a specialist, you really still have to do quality control. You can't just say, the AI will do it for you. It’s truly a co-pilot.

Nynke Dijkhof-Kooistra

Nynke Dijkhof-Kooistra

Tergooi Medisch Centrum


What I like is that you get suggestions on how to present certain topics in different ways. And that's also created for you at lightning speed.

Victoria Breugem_goed

Victoria Breugem



It's important that the information I upload doesn't spread all over the web. This way, we work with clients on onboarding trajectories, but that information is only for them and not for others.

Bo Clerx

Bo Clerx