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Maximize savings, streamline automation, and achieve your learning goals

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Trusted by over 500 top organizations

Our Training Intermediary, Your Purchasing Partner

Effortlessly keep track of your training needs, save valuable time and resources, and ensure top-notch quality in external learning resources. Leverage Studytube’s expertise for a seamless procurement process, empowering you to advance the learning and development initiatives in your organization.
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Your Learning Partner for Optimal Development

A learning partner is crucial in unlocking the potential of your employees. We guide you through the entire process, from searching to booking trainings - whether it's in-company, individual, or for entire teams! Moreover, we manage external suppliers and ensure seamless financial transactions. Want to track your employees' development? We provide detailed reports for that.

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Efficient Procurement Process and Invoicing Service

The Training Intermediary automates the entire procurement process for external training - from request to approval and invoicing. If desired, we can consolidate all your externally purchased trainings into a single monthly invoice. This streamlines your purchasing efficiency, freeing up more time to make an impact where it matters.

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Control over Selection and Quality

We understand that every organization has unique needs. Therefore, we continuously expand our network of trainers based on client input. This allows you to tailor the learning offerings to fit your organization perfectly. Automated evaluations, ratings, and reviews ensure you always maintain a keen eye on quality.

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Procurement Discount and Budget Management

Thanks to our 500+ clients purchasing external trainings, we negotiate favorable pricing. You always benefit from our collective purchasing discounts, and your existing price agreements remain valid. This maximizes the return on your training budget. Plus, we make budget management easy with the option to assign individual and team budgets.

To remain relevant and future-proof as an organization, continuous development is essential. We facilitate this with Studytube's all-in-one learning solution.

Danny Buma

Manager Learning & Development