The most complete learning platform

Looking for a user-friendly online environment to centralise and monitor all your organisation's internal, external and self-made learning content? Congratulations! Your search is now officially over.

1 R Het meest complete leerplatform

A central learning platform that enables you to give your employees a personalised experience, monitor courses, create learning tracks, and gain insight into your in-house expertise. Meet Studytube, the most complete learning platform of the Netherlands.

Learning Experience Platform

2 L Eén centrale plek voor Leren & Ontwikkelen

The Learning Experience Platform is an inspiring and user-friendly learning environment where employees can easily search, book and follow training courses - wherever and whenever they want. Thanks to our smart technology, the platform makes suggestions based on their preferences. This way, you can be sure that you are giving your employees a personalised learning experience.

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Learning Management System

3 R Meer inzicht en overzicht dankzij ons LMS

With Studytube's Learning Management System, you can monitor, manage and control all your organisation's learning activities in one place.

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Online courses

4 L Een divers online leeraanbod

Every organisation has its own culture, job profiles and learning needs. So why should you choose only one online training library? With Studytube, you can compile one that perfectly suits your employees. Whether you pick one course supplier or more: we will make it possible.

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External courses

5 R Extern leeraanbod van topkwaliteit

The current learning landscape is incredibly fragmented. No wonder your employees can't see the wood for the trees. With Studytube's Training Assistant, you can easily browse the courses of more than 1,000 affiliated educators, and automate the booking and invoicing process.

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Your own learning content

6 L Ontwikkel organisatiespecifiek leeraanbod

With our authoring tool, you can easily create your own unique learning content. From extensive onboarding programmes to short video tutorials: everything is possible.

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