Develop company-specific

With our authoring tool, you can easily create your own unique learning content. From extensive onboarding programmes to short video tutorials: everything is possible.

1 R Ontwikkel organisatiespecifiek leeraanbod-1

Would you like to find out how you can create an e-learning yourself? Try it today!

Effortlessly create your own e-learnings

2 L Creëer moeiteloos je eigen leeraanbod

In the user-friendly editor, you can transform all the knowledge that is unique to your organisation into attractive and relevant e-learnings. From entire onboarding processes to short video messages: you can easily develop them yourself.

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Upload existing learning content

3 R Upload bestaand leeraanbod

Does your organisation already have its own learning content? No problem - you can easily add those courses to our platform via the authoring tool. We support all standards for e-learning, such as SCORM, LTI, xAPI and AICC.

Whitepaper: The how-to guide for successful onboarding (Dutch)

Organise internal sessions and events

4 L Organiseer interne sessies en events

Do you regularly organise information sessions, workshops, and/or meetings? Meet your new favourite tool. After all, our authoring tool helps you to conveniently plan all your internal events. Would you like to invite participants immediately, or should they register themselves? You can arrange it all with just a few clicks.

Brochure: Develop your own online training content (Dutch)

These courses have already been developed with the Authoring Tool

  • CC of BCC?

    Wat is toch het juiste gebruik van BCC en CC? Afke van der Horst legt het je uit!


    Voldoen aan de wettelijk verplichte HACCP? Sander van Grieken vertelt hoe.

  • AVG-training

    Maak je organisatie GDPR-compliant met deze zelfgemaakte online training.

Experts on the Authoring Tool

All functionalities are available

“For almost 4 years, I have been posting my courses on the Studytube platform by means of the authoring tool. It is easy to use and allows me to design my trainings in a highly professional way. Images, videos, files, and more – all the functionalities I need are available. Moreover, its simplicity enables me to create high-quality training courses in no time.”

Frank ten Voorde

Studytube Expert in Microsoft Training

Intuitive to use

“I find the authoring tool very nice to work with; intuitive to use and easy to understand. It also offers many different ways to present the course material: there are different question formats, such as fill-in-the-blanks exercises, multiple-choice questions, and so on.”

Afke Van der Horst

Studytube Expert in writing and language

Convenient previews

“The authoring tool is a user-friendly development environment in which I have been creating my courses for years. Whether it is a bit of theory, a recorded video, a multiple-choice question or an alternative learning track: everything is possible. And you can immediately see what it will ultimately look like for the participants. Great tool!”

Ed Schouten

Expert in Project Management

Wondering how to use the authoring tool to preserve your valuable company-specific knowledge? Our experts will be happy to give you a virtual tour.