The LMS: more insight, a better overview

With Studytube's Learning Management System, you can monitor, manage and control all your organisation's learning activities in one place.

1 R Meer inzicht en overzicht dankzij ons LMS

What should you look for when selecting a new Learning Management System? Use our handy checklist!

Insight into qualifications and certificates

2 L Inzicht in kwalificaties en certificaten

Does your organisation have to comply with strict legislation? Or do you quickly need an employee with specific skills for a new assignment? In our LMS, you can see at a glance which employee holds which qualifications โ€“ and who needs to renew a mandatory certificate.

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Manage all courses

3 R Beheer het volledige leeraanbod

The LMS gives you total control over all learning units in your course library, assessments, and the training partners you work with. In short: all the data you need to keep improving the quality and relevance of your courses, and align them with the unique learning needs that define your employees, departments and your organisation as a whole.

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Automate recurring actions

4 L Automatiseer terugkerende handelingen

Thanks to automatic triggers, our platform can handle repetitive manual tasks on your behalf. Assigning onboarding tracks, sending out reminders when certificates expire, brushing up on product knowledge: you only have to create the trigger once, and then wait for the platform to do the rest.

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Transparent L&D budgets and planning

5 R Heldere L&D-budgetten en -planning

For a clear overview of your training expenses, you can define L&D budgets at every level of your organisation, or migrate existing budget structures from your current HRM system. Straightforward dashboards show you all costs, delays, your learning partners, and any areas in which you might exceed your budget.

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Clear L&D reports

6 L Duidelijke rapportages

If you can't quantify something, it will be hard to monitor it; whether it is the progress of learning curves, course evaluations, or an overview of all your in-house knowledge and certifications. Therefore, our platform gives you all the L&D data and reports you need to monitor and manage your organisation's learning activities.

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