Top-quality external learning content

The current learning landscape is incredibly fragmented. No wonder your employees can't see the wood for the trees. With Studytube's Training Intermediary, you can easily browse the courses of more than 1,000 affiliated educators, and automate the booking and invoicing process.

1 R Extern leeraanbod van topkwaliteit

Would you like to know all advantages of the Training Assistant for your organisation in particular?

Learning service provider

2 L Learning service provider

In order to utilise the full potential of every employee, you need a learning partner who will provide you with inspiration, personal service, and advice - and that is exactly what Studytube offers. Not only do we help you find the right courses, but we also facilitate the search and booking process for in-company, team-based and individual training requests. Additionally, we manage external suppliers and simplify the invoicing process. And would you like to know exactly how your employees are developing themselves on the platform? Then we would be happy to help you translate those data into detailed reports.

Streamlined purchasing process

3 R Gestroomlijnd inkoopproces

The Training Assistant automates the entire purchasing process of external training courses – from request to approval and invoicing. This saves you and your employees valuable time.

Control over composition and quality

4 L Controle over samenstelling en kwaliteit

At our clients' request, we are constantly adding trainers to our extensive partner network, so you can compile the learning offer that best suits your organisation. Thanks to automatic evaluations, ratings and reviews, you never lose sight of quality.

Collective discount

5 R Collectieve inkoopkorting

Because we purchase external courses for more than 250 clients, we can make favourable price agreements. This means that both existing and new customers always benefit from a collective discount. Do you have better price deals at the moment? Then they will continue to apply. This way, you maximise the return on your training budget.

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