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Save maximum time and maintain control over results.

Studytube is the #1 learning platform for organizations and employees. With our Learning Experience Platform and Learning Management System combined, you save maximum time in organizing learning. Activate more employees in their personal development with smart personal suggestions, effortlessly provide them with the most relevant learning content, and gain optimal insight into progress and results.

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Inspire and motivate

Inspire and motivate your employees using our Learning Experience Platform (LXP). Your employees can easily search, book, and take courses, anytime and anywhere. With the most relevant learning content and personal suggestions, you'll quickly have more engaged learners.

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Maintain control over learning activities

Organize learning and development within your organization from one central environment with Studytube's Learning Management System (LMS). Centralize the procurement of training, manage your budgets, and effortlessly automate the most time-consuming L&D processes. This way, you save time and costs and gain maximum insight into progress and results.

Prepare your employees for the future with top-quality learning content

The most relevant online learning offerings

Every employee has their own learning needs, and with Studytube's online learning offerings, you address them seamlessly. Developing power skills, attending inspiring masterclasses, or adding industry-specific skills to your resume? It's all possible, anytime, anywhere. This way, you prepare every employee for the future.

Top-quality external learning offerings

Easily find the right providers or courses your employees need. Choose from a selection of over 7,000 affiliated training providers or add new ones yourself. Together, we streamline the procurement process and complete financial transactions. The search and booking process has never been easier.

Your own AI-driven Authoring Tool

Effortlessly pour all your unique knowledge into engaging, relevant training. From short video messages to complete onboarding programs, you can easily develop them yourself with our Authoring Tool. And with the help of AI, you quickly gather the best learning content. This makes knowledge retention and sharing effective and enjoyable!

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The learning platform combines the user-friendliness of Netflix with a vast and diverse offering similar to Everyone can learn with Studytube.

Danny Buma

Manager Learning & Development, Van Wijnen