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Municipalities are being assigned more and more government tasks and additional responsibilities. To be able to carry out these additional tasks as a local government organisation, you have to give your employees the right knowledge and skills, now and in the future.

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In the childcare sector, legislation and regulations impose high-level requirements on the knowledge and skills of pedagogical employees. Due to regular national policy changes, additional qualification requirements and professional registrations, as a childcare organisation, you want to ensure that your employees always have the right competencies, and that they can deliver a top-quality service.

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Construction & Infrastructure


The construction sector faces many challenges: from a shortage of raw materials and skilled workers to global warming, digitisation and a complex regulatory environment. No wonder that organisations are moving towards new initiatives such as industrialisation in order to still be able to meet the large demand for housing, for example. With Studytube, you can keep your craftsmen on the construction site certified and up to date with all these innovations, without it costing you too much time.

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Staffing & Flex


Now that the economy is picking up, many companies are already struggling with staff shortages and have to look for flex workers. So it's up to you to get your temps ready for their next assignment. With a centralised learning policy, their knowledge will always match the ever-changing demands of the market, and you will be able to give them the best possible study advice and career guidance.

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Business services

Zakelijke dienstverleners

The economy is picking up again, and organisations are looking for specific competencies that their own staff do not have – even though they are your most important assets in the battle for the customer. By specifically retraining them, you not only guarantee a top-quality service, but also satisfied clients and a stronger competitive position.

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Many SME entrepreneurs do not pay a lot of attention to their employees' professional development. However, the coronavirus crisis demands new skills and types of learning to face the new changes and challenges that have come with it. With Studytube's learning platform, you can provide your employees with the knowledge they need to become sustainably employable and to emerge stronger from the pandemic.

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