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Your learning partner for a strong learning culture

The acquisition of a learning platform is the first step towards a learning organization. Our experts are ready to assist you to ensure everything goes smoothly, from implementation to activation. This way, your organization maximizes the full potential of all its employees. With Studytube, you choose a learning partner actively contributing to your learning culture.

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Implementation Consultants

During the implementation phase, our specialists assist in translating the unique learning objectives of your organization into practice. They ensure that your platform is fully tailored to your wishes and needs. Together, we ensure that you get the most out of our learning platform.

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Dedicated Customer Success Managers

After the implementation phase, our Customer Success Managers assist you in the adoption and activation of the learning platform. Together, you work on a success plan to achieve the strategic (learning) objectives of your organization. With our dedicated professionals, you overcome obstacles and celebrate learning successes.

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Helpdesk Team

Your direct helpline is our Helpdesk Team. Thanks to our experts, you'll get the help you need quickly and efficiently. Our team has in-depth knowledge of our systems and ensures that learning runs smoothly. This way, you can focus on what really matters: taking learning and development in your organization to the next level.

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Learning Center Team

Our team of experienced educational experts, video producers, animators, and designers collaborates to develop your unique learning content. Their expertise ensures a diverse range of courses and materials, maintaining a focus on quality and relevance to create an engaging learning environment. Whether it's a short microlearning module or a comprehensive online training, they are here to support you.

As your innovative learning partner, we support you in achieving the desired results.


A smooth business operation demands seamless integrations. Our integrations forge the connection between your existing systems and Studytube's powerful platform. We won't leave you drowning in technical details; instead, we'll guide you through, making the integration a seamless and valuable part of your learning environment. No hassle, no worries, just results.

Customer Community

In our vibrant Customer Community, collaboration and growth take center stage. Engage with colleagues from various industries at one of our Studytube Customer Events. Participate in workshops and learn from each other. Additionally, our specialized teams are ready to elevate learning and development within your organization to new heights.

Learning Content

Content is silver, relevance is gold. With us, you'll discover the most valuable courses and materials your employees need. From groundbreaking trends to proven classics. With attention to detail and subject matter expertise, you equip your team with knowledge that truly makes a difference.

AI Authoringtool

Our AI Authoring Tool: where creativity and efficiency converge. This innovative tool turns creating learning content into child's play, whether you're a novice developer or a seasoned expert. Interactive modules, engaging lessons, and time savings are just the beginning. We believe in maximizing your potential, and this tool is an indispensable partner in achieving that.

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Manually, we kept track of who had which certificates. Studytube now takes care of this and automatically links it to the personnel file. That saves a lot of time.


Danny Buma

Manager Learning & Development, Van Wijnen