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Capture & share valuable knowledge with ease

Leverage internal expertise and share knowledge among your organisation, partners, and customers.

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Traditional Knowledge sharing

  • Knowledge fragmentation
  • Limited distribution of knowledge
  • Time-consuming and costly

Knowledge sharing withStudytube

  • Efficient digital & centralised solution
  • Easily share knowledge with employees
  • High-quality learning content in no-time

Streamlined knowledge management

Say goodbye to fragmented knowledge and costly inefficiencies. Studytube makes it easy for employees to access and contribute to a wealth of internal and external knowledge. From onboarding to ongoing training, our solution streamlines and automates the process. With our centralised platform, you’ll save time and resources while ensuring everyone can find  the  right insights at the right time to excel in their role.

streamlined knowledge management, knowledge sharing - Solutions
Automated enrolment
Enrol users to events automatically based on role, team, learning completion and other events
Automatically assign content
Automatically assign content based on role, team, learning completion and other events
Discover page
Allow your employees to discover content based on their interests and skills
Featured learning campaigns
Feature specific collections, learning tracks or any learnings, and send automated emails via the digest
Email digest
Engage your users with a weekly or monthly email with new and featured content

Tap into internal expertise

Studytube’s learning platform captures your employees' industry expertise and ensures it enriches your organisation. Centralise and share internal knowledge to boost productivity and instil a culture of continuous learning. With our smart AI-driven tooling you can make educational content widely available and turn knowledge exchange into a smooth process across your organisation.

Tap into internal expertise, knowledge sharing - Solutions
Course builder
Automatically create learning goals, course outlines and course content, powered by AI
Distributed content creation
Empower people throughout your organisation to create content via the global create button
Work together on content via fine-grained co-authoring permissions
Expert curated learning collections
Let experts create their own learning content collections

Turn existing knowledge into courses with ease

Imagine dry policies becoming engaging learning courses, within minutes! With our AI Authoring Tool you can turn existing policies or knowledge into training courses with ease. Upload your existing content via SCORM files, PDFs or PPTs to build a course with any existing knowledge as a starting point. As soon as your course is generated, you can easily and instantly tailor it to your exact needs.

Turn existing knowledge into courses with ease, knowledge sharing - Solutions
Knowledge-based authoring
Create courses, starting from company policies, strategies or other documents
Document upload
Upload existing content (PDF, PPT) to create online courses
Course builder
Automatically create learning goals, course outlines and course content
Effective Knowledge Sharing matters
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Don't just take our word for it:

With Studytube, we track the outcomes of learning. We go beyond just the number of completed trainings. We also examine data that indicates the growth of a team over the course of a year. For instance, the progression into a leadership role following a development program.

leanne pantjes_CZ
Leanne Pantjes

Adviser, Digital Learning & Development

Quote CZ

With Studytube, managing the development of our 25,000 temporary workers has become clear and manageable. The automation of this previously complex process is a relief.

Lisa Bruins
Lisa Bruins

Senior HR Business Partner

Quote Manpower

We've noticed that it's great for employees to have one central learning environment with Studytube where they can work on their development. The platform also provides highly personalised suggestions and is intuitive to use.

Adriaan de Boer

Senior HR Business Partner

Quote Gemeente Eindhoven

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