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Traditional Career development

  • Narrow, prescribed career paths
  • Limited access to learning resources
  • Minimal support for personal growth

Ownership of own future with Studytube

  • Self-directed career development
  • Comprehensive learning ecosystem
  • Tools and insights to drive development

Self-directed learning paths

With Studytube, employees can chart their own learning journey. You will give them access to a wide array of highly relevant resources to develop the skills they need for the career they want. Our platform supports them every step of the way to make starting and successfully completing learnings easy.

Discover Their Story, Ownership of Own Future - Solutions
Discover page
Enable your employees to discover content based on their interests and skills
AI-based search
Let your learners find relevant content using state-of-the-art vector search
Reviews and reactions
Monitor the quality of learning content and events through reviews & reactions
Skill map-based content recommendations
Offer relevant content based on the skill needs of your teams
Email digest
Engage users with regular emails highlighting new and featured content
My learning overview
Offer your employees streamlined updates on ongoing learning, content, events, and deadlines

Visibility into career progression

Studytube offers the tools to not only dream about the future but to actively shape it. Through our skill map visibility and skill progression tracking your learners will gain clear insights into their learning progress and skill development. Each employee will understand where they stand and what steps to take in order to achieve their career goals.

Visibility into Career Progression, Ownership of Own Future - Solutions
Focus skill selection
Let your learners and their managers focus on the skills they want to develop
Personal preference skill addition
Allow each learner to add their own specific custom skills
Skill map-based content recommendations
Offer relevant content based on the skill needs of your teams
Skill progression insights
Provide insights on skills' status and development to learners and management

Empowerment through knowledge

Equip your employees with the knowledge and skills to take control of their future. Studytube provides learning content for any role, any industry and any skill. Boring courses of sub-par quality are of the past with our curated offering of engaging content from top quality learning providers.

Empowerment through Knowledge, Ownership of Own Future - Solutions
Off-the-shelf online course libraries
Instant access to extensive libraries of top quality courses on various subjects and skills.
Company-generated eLearnings
Create your own trainings to upskill or reskill your learners
Effective ownership matters
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Of employees lack the necessary tools for career growth

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of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in career development

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67% of HR professionals see L&D ownership shifting to employees

Don't just take our word for it:

With Studytube, we track the outcomes of learning. We go beyond just the number of completed trainings. We also examine data that indicates the growth of a team over the course of a year. For instance, the progression into a leadership role following a development program.

leanne pantjes_CZ
Leanne Pantjes

Adviser, Digital Learning & Development

Quote CZ

With Studytube, managing the development of our 25,000 temporary workers has become clear and manageable. The automation of this previously complex process is a relief.

Lisa Bruins
Lisa Bruins

Senior HR Business Partner

Quote Manpower

We've noticed that it's great for employees to have one central learning environment with Studytube where they can work on their development. The platform also provides highly personalised suggestions and is intuitive to use.

Adriaan de Boer

Senior HR Business Partner

Quote Gemeente Eindhoven

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