Become a magnet for talent

ENG Employee development

Put the development of your employees first

In this tight job market, professional development is more crucial than ever to attract and retain talent.

Studytube assists you in aligning with your employees' needs and saving money and time in the development process. Become an employer where people want to work and grow, in less time than you can currently imagine.

ENG Verstevig je werkgeversmerk  en zorg dat medewerkers up-to-date zijn

Strengthen your employer brand

With Studytube, you ensure that employees always have up-to-date knowledge, skills, and competencies. This strengthens your employer brand and enhances your ability to attract and retain talent. Moreover, you also increase the long-term employability of your employees.

ENG Sluit aan op de ontwikkelbehoeften van je medewerkers

Align with development needs

Gain access to trainings from top providers, enjoy our own micro-learnings and masterclasses, and easily create your own trainings. Additionally, learn rapidly from internal and external reports on progress and performance. All of this is designed to maximize personal impact.

ENG Maximale tijdsbesparing

Maximize time savings

With Studytube, you can digitize and streamline everything related to the development of your employees, enabling you to automate development processes. Easily automate learning paths based on job roles, departments, or skills. This frees up more time to elevate learning and development to new heights.

Discover de ROI of employee development with Studytube

ROI module (1)

It is invaluable when people want to stay with you. Because employees nowadays value development more than money, they have an unlimited learning budget with us. We find that this makes employees proud of our organization.

carola - 2

Carola Machwirth

Manager Learning & Development, Intermax


Studytube helps us achieve our organizational goals by enabling people to develop. The organization can only grow if the people grow, as they are the organization.

ilona mayer Bronckhorst

Ilona Mayer

Strategic Organization and HR Advisor, Gemeente Bronckhorst

To remain relevant and future-proof as an organization, continuous development is essential. We facilitate this with Studytube's learning solution.

Danny Buma

Manager Learning & Development, Van Wijnen



Compliance (1)


Better safe than sorry. Discover everything you need for an efficient compliance process in one workspace.

Workflow automation

Automatische werkstromen (1)

Workflow automation

Automate manual and repetitive processes in the blink of an eye. Save time and prevent errors effortlessly.

Knowledge Sharing

Kennisdeling en  - borging (1)

Knowledge Sharing

Facilitate organization-wide access to relevant knowledge in a fraction of the time.


Onboarding (1)


Transform newcomers into proud, enthusiastic, and productive employees through personalized onboarding learning paths.

Employee development

Medewerkersontwikkeling (2)

Employee development

Provide employees with insights into future roles, skills, and desired knowledge levels. Keep them up-to-date, future-oriented, and sustainably employable.

Employee engagement

Medewerkersbetrokkenheid (1)

Employee engagement

Allow employees to learn wherever and whenever they want. Remove learning barriers and keep them motivated and engaged with inspirational learning content.

Event Management

Organiseer  trainingen (1)

Event Management

Maintain control with digital event and training management. Achieve more with less effort.

Ownership own future

Eigenaarschap  persoonlijke ontwikkeling (1)

Ownership own future

Empower your employees with the confidence to take control of their own development. 

Supplier management & procurement

Leveranciersmanagement & inkoop (1)

Supplier management & procurement

Maintain control over quality when procuring training programs. Automate the procurement process, invoicing, and quality management.

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