Development in the spotlight

ENG Employee engagement

More enthusiasm and motivation

Before diving into your training, there's always that one task to take care of. HR professionals and employees themselves agree: daily work responsibilities are the main hurdle when it comes to starting learning and development. But don't worry, we have the solution for you.

With ease, you can design trainings and learning paths that your employees will eagerly follow and successfully complete. No matter where they are or whenever they want to learn. Ensure a perfect alignment of learning content, methods, and formats with the learning preferences and goals of your employees.

ENG Hogere motivatie, meer engagement

Higher motivation, more engagement

Combine your internal and external knowledge seamlessly, aligning with the competencies, skills, and knowledge required to stay employable. Create your own training, procure trainings from top providers, or enjoy our library filled with powerskills micro-learnings and inspiring masterclasses. 

ENG Een activatie toolkit die werkt (1)

An activation toolkit that works

A perfect learning program alone is not enough. Utilize our activation toolkit to engage employees in their development. Packed with tips on internal campaigns, appointing knowledge ambassadors, and aligning seamlessly with your organization's performance cycle.

ENG Grip op voortgang en resultaat

Control over progress and results

Thanks to handy reports, you'll have a clear overview of the number of trainings viewed, started, and completed. Our specialists are ready to provide strategic advice and assist you with effective communication. Easily and swiftly adjust trainings, taking learning and development to new heights.

ENG Bespaar tijd, bijna automatisch

Save time, almost effortlessly

It's simple: our smart automation saves you time. Automatically send personalized emails with suggestions based on learning preferences and recommendations from others, reminders to complete trainings, and emails to gather feedback. Set it up once, and you're good to go.

Discover the ROI of activating employees with Studytube

ROI module (1)

Thanks to automatic triggers, employees find their way to the academy more easily. When you know that a training is tailored to you, you click through faster.

peter dirks

Peter Dirks

HR Project Manager & Product Owner,

Because you can learn wherever and whenever you want, everyone at our company uses Studytube: from our craftsmen on the construction site to the office staff.

Danny Buma

Manager Learning & Development, Van Wijnen


n less than six months, 90% of our people have already signed up for the Vink Bouw Academy. Thanks to Studytube, we are making great strides in becoming a truly learning organization


Patrick Immerzeel

Director of Realization, Vink Bouw



Compliance (1)


Better safe than sorry. Discover everything you need for an efficient compliance process in one workspace.

Workflow automation

Automatische werkstromen (1)

Workflow automation

Automate manual and repetitive processes in the blink of an eye. Save time and prevent errors effortlessly.

Knowledge Sharing

Kennisdeling en  - borging (1)

Knowledge Sharing

Facilitate organization-wide access to relevant knowledge in a fraction of the time.


Onboarding (1)


Transform newcomers into proud, enthusiastic, and productive employees through personalized onboarding learning paths.

Employee development

Medewerkersontwikkeling (2)

Employee development

Provide employees with insights into future roles, skills, and desired knowledge levels. Keep them up-to-date, future-oriented, and sustainably employable.

Employee engagement

Medewerkersbetrokkenheid (1)

Employee engagement

Allow employees to learn wherever and whenever they want. Remove learning barriers and keep them motivated and engaged with inspirational learning content.

Event Management

Organiseer  trainingen (1)

Event Management

Maintain control with digital event and training management. Achieve more with less effort.

Ownership own future

Eigenaarschap  persoonlijke ontwikkeling (1)

Ownership own future

Empower your employees with the confidence to take control of their own development. 

Supplier management & procurement

Leveranciersmanagement & inkoop (1)

Supplier management & procurement

Maintain control over quality when procuring training programs. Automate the procurement process, invoicing, and quality management.

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