We want to unlock the potential of every employee.

Our story

In 2010, StudytubeLaw began as an adaptive study platform that helped law students prepare for their exams – at their own, individual pace. It was the start of a success story: over 70% of law students in the Netherlands joined.

It soon became clear that the education market was desperate for innovation. Training should be as personal as you and your unique learning needs. Education should adapt to you, not the other way around. Based on this idea, Homam Karimi, Gerhard Riphagen, Sebastiaan Menheere and Stepan Suvorov started working on the learning platform that we know today as Studytube.

We believe that it is very important for both people and organisations to be future oriented. That's why we improve our learning platform every day. This is how we continue to inspire employees to work on their own future, stay up to date and be the best they can be.

Now, Studytube is not only the market leader, but also the fastest growing learning platform in Europe. Over the past four years, we've always been included in the Deloitte Tech Fast 50. Every day, over 500 organisations and more than 500,000 employees use our platform to reach their full potential.

We are already helping these organisations work on their future

  • VolkerWessels
  • Manpower
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • ASR
  • Groningen

Studytube in numbers

  • 2010


  • 200+


  • 500+

    Satisfied customers

  • 500.000+


Vision & mission

Our vision is to harness the potential of every employee. We do this by making employee development as simple and accessible as possible. In doing so, we focus on three pillars:

  • We build the most user-friendly learning environment

  • We give our users access to the world's best learning resources

  • As a full-fledged learning partner, we help organisations to unlock their learning potential

Our core values

In implementing our vision and mission, we apply four core values, all of which are firmly anchored in our corporate culture. This four-part Holy Grail defines what we Tubers stand for and how we treat each other.

Never stop improving

“Without this core value, we wouldn't be where we are today. Few people know that Studytube once started as an online training platform for law students. By listening carefully to the needs of our customers and the market, we have continuously improved and reinvented ourselves.”

Paul van Helmond

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Be ambitious

“This one appeals to me the most. We are in it to win it! Our goals are ambitious, which is one of the reasons I started working for Studytube. The status quo is not good enough: here we set the bar high, and I like that”

Jeroen Polman Tuin

Account Executive

We are in this together

“The Tubers are an incredibly close-knit team. Everyone is aware that we need each other to get the best results. This also applies to our customer relationships: even after the implementation of your learning platform, we maintain close contact, so that you become and remain a successful learning organisation.”

Laura van Heesch

Lead Learning Center

Stay lean

“We want to achieve the maximum with minimum effort. A good example is our learning platform, with which we automate the search and booking process of external training courses and simplify your L&D administration. This saves you and your employees valuable time and eases your learning process.”

Kostiantyn Dubinin


Our Investors

  • Verdane
  • Vortex
  • Energy Impact Partners

Our Management team

  • Homam Karimi



  • Gerhard Riphagen



  • Sebastiaan Menheere



  • Farzad Henareh



  • Stepan Suvorov



  • Min Zhu



  • Jurriaan Graaff



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