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Event organisation made easy
With Studytube, managing physical, hybrid, and online trainings becomes effortless. Offering automated assignments, reminders, progress tracking, and feedback, our platform centralises control. We guarantee a comprehensive overview and efficiency in training processes. 
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Stimulate attendance and engagement
Our powerful planning tool allows for easy management of all training sessions and resources. This will make registrations go smoothly and lower the barriers to sign up and attend.
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Keep track of all learning activities
To gain control over all learning, you can track all activities, including events. Leverage our automated workflows, fine-grained author permissions and event study material storage to organise events with ease.

Event creation and customisation

Effortlessly organise events, including multi-day, multi-cohort, and various registration types, with our platform. And you can personalise them too, with customisable certificates, branding, and certification needs for a tailored experience.

Event Creation, Event Management - Capabilities
Event organisation
Organise online and offline events for your learners.
Multi-day events
Let users register for multi day events and track their attendance across those dates.
Multi-cohort events
Repeat event series and let users sign up for separate cohorts.
Multi-registration events
Let users register for multiple sessions with one event.
Customisable certificates
Design certificates based on your company identity and compliance needs.
Recurring events
Make managing repeating events easy with the recurring event features.

Participant engagement and tracking

Simplify participant management with streamlined registrations. With our waitlist systems, automated reminders, QR-based attendance tracking, and comprehensive event reporting, you can make the most of every single event.

Participant Engagement, Event Management - Capabilities
Participation registration
Let users register for events and mark their attendance afterwards.
Record interest
Allow users to indicate interest for future events.
Waiting lists
Manage registrations and prevent overbooking with waiting lists.
Customisable reminders
Notify your attendees at different intervals.
Learning approval
Set up approval rules for online learnings, events and budget spend.
Attendance tracking with QR
Allow users to mark their attendance through a QR code at the event.
Events report
Get an overview of your event participation through detailed event reports.
Event pricing
Handle cross departmental costs with event pricing and budgets.

Event content organisation

Keeping track of and sharing the right content for events creates a lot of hassle. Control content access with fine-tuned author permissions and organize learning materials efficiently with an intuitive folder structure for optimal resource management.

Event Content Organisation, Event Management - Capabilities
Fine-grained author permissions
Let events be managed by multiple (co)authors.
Study materials with folder structure
Share study materials before and after the event.
Resource management
Sync room and teacher availability with other systems.

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Sandy de Lange
Sandy de Lange

Manager Learning & Development

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We were looking for a user-friendly learning platform where employees can easily search for and book their own trainings. We found that with Studytube.

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Danielle Wiegers

Director Corporate HR

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To provide employees with the right development opportunities, I searched for a learning platform that had a wide range of learning options, the ability to offer blended learning, and also the flexibility to add custom content. Studytube offers those capabilities.

Inge Thus
Inge Thus

HR Director

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