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Top courses with educational expertise, at lightning speed
With our intuitive, AI-powered course builder you generate a tailored outline in no time. Most authoring tools stop there,. Our tool generates explanations, video scripts and questions powered by AI. This content will be generated with educational expertise, keeping the full course in mind.
Turn existing knowledge into courses with ease, AI Authoring - BenefitCard
Turn existing knowledge into courses with ease
Easily transform existing knowledge into courses by uploading SCORM, PDF, or PPT files. Our AI-authoring tool simplifies converting policies and knowledge into engaging training.
Keep data secure and stay compliant, AI Authoring - BenefitCard
Keep data secure and stay compliant
Our authoring tool with AI co-pilot keeps your expertise and data safe in an ISO-certified environment, isolating information per training for secure, superior programme creation. Guaranteed safe, reliable learning.

AI-driven rapid course creation

Our AI-authoring tool makes it easy to create a course from scratch within minutes. The simple interface enables you to generate content based on no more than a title. Of course, you can easily adjust AI-powered suggestions to tailor it to your preferences.

AI Driven Course Creation, AI Authoring - Capabilities
Course builder
Automatically create learning goals, course outlines and course content.
Video generation
Automatically convert video scripts to video.
AI-powered question generator
Easily create questions and quizzes with the AI question generator.
Image generation
Automatic image generation in client colour pallet.
Title to course generation
AI assisted creation of world-class trainings based on course title and description.
Learning versioning
Manage multiple concurrent versions of the same learnings.

Course creation based on existing materials

Simplify knowledge sharing with our AI-authoring tool. Upload documents to craft top-tier courses effortlessly while leveraging our educational expertise. Our tool accelerates knowledge distribution across your organisation, ensuring your top expertise is easily shared.

Create Courses Existing Materials, AI Authoring - Capabilities
Knowledge-based authoring
Create a course, starting from company policies, strategies or other documents.
Document upload
Upload existing content (PDF, PPT) to create online courses.

Learner engagement and knowledge retention

Don't just share knowledge: make learning engaging with interactive content. Use our AI tool to build questions, assignments, and videos, simplifying knowledge retention for learners.

Engage Learners, AI Authoring - Capabilities
AI-powered question generator
Easily create questions and quizzes with the AI question generator.
10+ question types
Create quizzes with over 10 question types including open questions, ....
Let your learners complete assignments as part of a course.
Video pitch
Promote your learnings with an intro video.
Automatically send surveys after course and event completion.

Collaboration with experts

Facilitate knowledge sharing among employees, ensuring valuable insights benefit your organisation. Collaborate and curate with co-authors to harness expert wisdom efficiently.

collaborate with experts, AI Authoring - Capabilities
Distributed content creation
Empower people throughout your organisation to create content via the global create button.
Work together on content via fine-grained co-authoring permissions.

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