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Deliver onboarding that quickly prepares new hires with engaging, personalised experiences for their roles.

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Traditional Onboarding

  • Generic, one-size-fits-all approach
  • Manual & time-consuming
  • Passive & dull employee experience
  • Scattered onboarding process
  • Limited real-time feedback mechanisms
  • Manual tracking, delayed updates

Onboarding with Studytube

  • Personalised, role-specific onboarding
  • Automated processes & workflows
  • Engaging blended & interactive content
  • Centralised onboarding process
  • Real-time feedback & evaluation tools
  • Real-time progress & status insights

A tailored onboarding experience for every new employee

Studytube offers tailored onboarding that boosts employee impact from the start. Enhance engagement and prepare new hires for success right away. Identifying key skills for each role with the Skill Navigator, we craft personalised paths, adaptable to your needs.

A tailored onboarding experience for every new employee, onboarding - Solutions
AI-generated job profiles
Generate job profiles using our proprietary AI
Personalised learning tracks
Create custom learning paths for your new hires based on their skill needs
Off-the-shelf online course libraries
Provide instant access to extensive libraries of top quality online courses covering a variety of subjects and skills
Skill map-based content recommendations
Offer relevant content based on the skill needs of your teams
Company-generated eLearnings
Create your own trainings in a heartbeat to upskill employees from the start

Effortless onboarding management with smooth automation

Tired of the time-consuming complexities of onboarding? Streamline onboarding with automation. By leveraging rules-based logic and triggers, tasks and learning content are seamlessly assigned based on various criteria, such as language, role, team, and key HR cycle events like first logins or promotions. This reduces manual work, saves your HR team time, and ensures a scalable, future-proof process. 

Effortless Onboarding management with smooth automation, onboarding - Solutions
Onboarding workflows
Automatically assign learning tracks and qualifications to new team members
Automated enrolment
Enrol users to events automatically based on role, team, learning completion and other events
Automatically assign content
Automatically assign the right content based on role, team, learning completion and other events
Assign qualifications
Automatically assign (mandatory) content to your learners based on team, role and other attributes
Teams & groups
Manage rights, content visibility, qualification requirements and content assignments through teams

Onboarding content that drives engagement

Elevate onboarding with a wealth of always up-to-date learning resources. Whether it's curated content from top learning content providers, off-the-shelf content, or organisation-specific content created with the AI Authoring Tool, our platform ensures your new hires have access to the most relevant and engaging onboarding content. Exactly when they need it.

Onboarding content that drives engagement, onboarding - Solutions
Off-the-shelf online course libraries
Get instant access to extensive libraries of top quality online courses covering various topics and skills
Company-generated eLearnings
Create your own trainings in a heartbeat to upskill your employees from the start
10+ question types
Create quizzes with more than 10 different question types, including open and multiple-choice questions
Let your learners complete one or multiple assignments as part of a course

Gain real-time insights into onboarding success

Stay ahead of the curve with up-to-date insights and ensure the success of your new hires. Studytube gives you instant insights into onboarding progress and enables you to identify improvement areas with real-time feedback. With our detailed tracking and reporting options, you can make informed decisions and optimise your programmes along the way.

Gain real-time insights into onboarding success, onboarding - Solutions
Centralised notification Inbox
Get an overview of important notifications and tasks in one central location
Automatically send surveys after course and event completion
Get insights into learning activities, progress and results through reports
Effective onboarding matters
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increased retention with solid onboarding

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leave in 6 months due to poor onboarding

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of new hires strongly agree that their organization does a great job at onboarding

Don't just take our word for it:

With Studytube, we track the outcomes of learning. We go beyond just the number of completed trainings. We also examine data that indicates the growth of a team over the course of a year. For instance, the progression into a leadership role following a development program.

leanne pantjes_CZ
Leanne Pantjes

Adviser, Digital Learning & Development

Quote CZ

With Studytube, managing the development of our 25,000 temporary workers has become clear and manageable. The automation of this previously complex process is a relief.

Lisa Bruins
Lisa Bruins

Senior HR Business Partner

Quote Manpower

We've noticed that it's great for employees to have one central learning environment with Studytube where they can work on their development. The platform also provides highly personalised suggestions and is intuitive to use.

Adriaan de Boer

Senior HR Business Partner

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