Learning Center: create winning online content

Online learning is more popular than ever. Many employees have experienced its benefits, in part because of the coronavirus crisis. Now, your organisation faces the challenge of developing online content that meets your employees' learning needs – without costing you too much time. Meet our Learning Center: a team of experienced educationalists, video producers, animators and designers who will help you develop your own learning content. Whether it is a short microlearning or a complete online training, we are here to help you.

Getting started with the right didactic support

1 R Ontwikkel organisatiespecifiek leeraanbod-1

Our authoring tool is the basic platform with which every organisation can develop its own learning content. In addition, our Knowledge Academy gives you access to a digital user manual and didactic tools that you can use to get started yourself. Do you and your colleagues want to learn more about didactics or the use of the authoring tool? Then consider one of our in-company training sessions. You can opt for a short explanation of the authoring tool, or for a more in-depth training on didactics, so that you can be optimally prepared to create your own online training.

A complete package of services

1. A full package of services

We understand that not every organisation has the extensive didactic knowledge to develop microlearnings, online trainings or blended-learning programmes. No worries: you can find that expertise at Studytube. To shape knowledge, skills and behaviour, we work according to a consistent development methodology. This consists of six steps, with each step bringing us closer to learning content tailored to your employees and their unique learning needs. For each step, we hook up the right expertise. For example, we may need a video producer to brainstorm our own videos, or someone who specialises in visuals or animations. Our team has successfully helped more than 100 clients develop their own online learning content. Below, you will find a list of our services.

An animation, microlearning, kick-off video, screen recording or online training?

4. learning interventions

Our video producers and designers make sure your content comes to life. Would you like to know which format best suits your learning objectives? Our educational experts will help you choose the most appropriate learning intervention.

Some inspiring examples

  • Animatie

    RDW: Verzuimmanagement

  • Kick-off Video

    Kick-off video ASR

  • Micro learning

    Uitstellen van je oordeel

  • Online training

    Van Wijnen: Kwaliteitsborging

Our own studio or recordings on location

2. Our own studio or recording on location

Studytube has its own studio, equipped with the latest technical gadgets. We take care of the production and post-production process, and make sure that the content is in line with your corporate identity. Would you rather record on location? Then we will gladly bring our studio to you. How convenient!


3. Webinars-R

Webinars are an integral part of our society today. It is an efficient way to address your target group live. Our studio in Amsterdam has everything you need for a professional set-up and broadcast. It is also possible to ask questions, add polls and start assignments during the webinar. This way, you make it interactive and interesting for your viewers.

Would you like to know what Studytube can do for your organisation?