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Relevant Content, LXP - BenefitCard
Find relevant content with ease
Cut the clutter with Studytube's AI 'discover page’, search function and personalised learning recommendations. We’ll ensure the right content reaches your team and you can easily fill skill gaps with inspiring courses.
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Inspire to take ownership
Prevent employees from getting lost in vast content libraries with Studytube's AI 'discover page', search, and tailored learning recommendations. To fill skill gaps or seek inspiration, our tools ensure the right content is always at their fingertips.
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Skill-based learning integrated in your LXP
Skill-based learning used to be out of reach for most companies, unless you were a global corporation with unlimited budgets and huge L&D teams. But not anymore. Our Skill Navigator helps you fill skill gaps and drive personal and organisational success with ease. 

Content discovery

Your learners want to find relevant content but get lost in piles of content instead? Make finding relevant content easy with our LXP! Allow your employees to fill skill gaps or find inspiring courses; our tooling instantly presents them the right content.

Content Discovery, LXP - Capabilities
Discover page
Let your employees explore content based on their interests and skills.
AI-based search
Enhance discovery with state-of-the-art vector search, guiding learners to relevant content.
Skill map-based content recommendations
Offer relevant content based on the skill needs of your teams.
Email digest
Engage your user with a weekly or monthly email with new and featured content.

Your learning at a glance

Ease the struggle of taking ownership. By giving insight into everything around learning at a glance, you’ll ensure learning is not a one-off activity. Give your employees control over their learnings, qualifications and skills.

Learning At A Glance, LXP - Capabilities
My learning overview
Concise overview of ongoing learnings, assigned content, upcoming events and deadlines.
Skill map
Receive an overview of relevant skills and their required level per role.
Qualification overview
Give your learners a clear overview of what they need to do by when to be qualified for their job.

Skill-based learning

The next frontier of L&D is here: using learning to fill skill gaps! Our Skills Navigator simplifies steering employees to vital role-based skills, fostering personalised, practical learning for real-world impact.

Skill Based Learning, LXP - Capabilities
Skill maps
Receive an overview of relevant skills and their required level per role.
Skill map-based content recommendations
Offer relevant content based on the skill needs of your teams.
Skill progression insights
Give your learners, managers and higher management insight into the state and development of skills.

Branded academies

Your L&D academy is an integral part of your business. Therefore, it should also look like it. Align branding and naming with your guidelines and put the spotlight on the learnings that matter most for your organisation.

Branded Academies, LXP - Capabilities
Custom naming & labelling
Use your own language by renaming key terms on the platform.
Brand your academy with your own company scheme colour and logo.
User provisioning & synchronisation
Automate user account provisioning through integrations with over 200 HRIS systems.
Featured learning Campaigns
Feature collections, learning tracks or any learnings, and send automated emails via the digest.
Customisable certificates
Design certificates based on your company’s identity and compliance needs.
WCAG compliant (Accessibility)
WCAG AA compliant.

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Studytube makes it easy to inspire employees to take charge of their own development.

Sandy de Lange
Sandy de Lange

Manager Learning & Development

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We were looking for a user-friendly learning platform where employees can easily search for and book their own trainings. We found that with Studytube.

Danielle Wiegers
Danielle Wiegers

Director Corporate HR

Quote Volkerwessels

To provide employees with the right development opportunities, I searched for a learning platform that had a wide range of learning options, the ability to offer blended learning, and also the flexibility to add custom content. Studytube offers those capabilities.

Inge Thus
Inge Thus

HR Director

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