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Phase 1: Handover and kick-off

We start together with a handover and an implementation phase. In the handover phase, we discuss your objectives, the learning plan, and all technical aspects related to the platform setup. The outcome of the handover is presented to the project team during the kick-off. Our Implementation Consultant will be your dedicated point of contact during the handover, kick-off, and the subsequent implementation.

Phase 2: Implementation

Now it's time to execute your strategy: the implementation phase. Our Implementation Consultant will train and support you in setting up the learning platform, such as adding your own branding and configuring all the standard settings. At the same time, we assist you in the technical setup of the platform, including the transfer of existing data and integrations with your (HR) systems. We also work with you to ensure that the learning content aligns with your learning needs.

Phase 3: On to Customer Success

Congratulations! Your learning platform is now ready for use. Moving forward, we'll continue working together to craft the success story of your organization. Our Customer Success Managers will provide ongoing advice and support, ensuring you and your employees make the most out of the learning platform.

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Sandra Veerman

Program Manager Learning & Development