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Traditional Compliance

  • Time consuming and repetitive work
  • Manual checks and endless pursuit
  • Basic compliance functionalities
  • Lacks engagement, static content
  • Generic compliance content

Compliance with Studytube

  • Automated compliance management
  • Automatic reminders and notifications
  • Advanced compliance management
  • Personalised learning paths
  • Customised content in minutes

A simplified, automated compliance process

Say farewell to the complexities of compliance training management and embrace seamless automation. Our platform goes beyond basic automation, leveraging advanced AI capabilities tailored specifically for compliance tasks. From auto enrolment and reminders to role-specific AI-based content recommendations. We ensure efficiency and precision in compliance tasks.

Simplified compliance process, compliance - Solutions
Automated enrolment
Enrol users to events automatically based on role, team, learning completion and other events
Automatically assign content
Automatically assign content based on role, team, learning completion and other events
Laws, regulation and policy campaigns
Create and assign skills/qualifications to cover regulatory and compliance need
Skill map-based content recommendations
Offer relevant content based on the skill needs of your teams
Email & notifications
Get notified about upcoming deadlines, events and qualification status

Boost engagement with a personalised experience

Elevate compliance training with Studytube’s AI Authoring Tool by creating engaging, personalised learning. Our AI-powered platform lets you quickly craft premium, role-specific content, boosting engagement and empowering employees to thrive in their roles with targeted skill development. Combining in-house and updated external content, we help you ensure ongoing compliance. 

Boost engagement with a personalised experienceied compliance process, compliance - Solutions
AI-generated job profiles
Generate job profiles using our proprietary AI
Existing company job profiles
Import existing job profiles to help build your company's skills ontology
Laws, regulation and policy campaigns
Create and assign skills/qualifications to cover regulatory and compliance need
Off-the-shelf online course libraries
Provide instant access to extensive libraries of top quality online courses covering a variety of subjects and skills
Company-generated eLearnings
Create your own trainings to upskill or reskill your learners
AI-assisted course creation
Our AI-authoring tool makes it easy to create a course from scratch based on no more than a title 
Create courses based on existing materials
Easily transform existing knowledge into engaging courses by uploading SCORM, PDF, or PPT files 

Powerful compliance management

Streamline compliance with automated tasks and custom workflows by department, role, and more. Automatic reminders and re-enrolment for certifications keeps staff compliant. With a real-time overview of compliance statuses and actions needed, you can empower your teams with clear expectations while keeping insight.

Notifcations, compliance - Solutions
Teams & groups
Manage rights, content visibility, qualification requirements and content assignments through teams
Assign qualifications
Automatically assign content to your learners based on team, role and other attributes
Base and repetition validity
Define different requirements for first time and subsequent qualifications
Manual approval
Manual approval by team managers or colleagues
EPA integration
Allow your users to import achievements from their EPA (Entrustable Professional Activities) portfolio
Fixed and flexible renewal date
Define your renewal periods to be fixed-date or date-of-achievement
Multiple certification paths
Allow your users to achieve their qualifications through different paths
Qualification overview
Give your learners a clear overview of what they need to do by when to stay qualified for their job
Option to provide exemption
Easily assign qualifications to larger groups by exempting on pregnancy, illness or other factors

Real-time insights, at your fingertips

Ensure compliance with ease by accessing real-time insights into employee qualifications and skills. Who possesses the necessary certifications and who requires renewals? With Studytube, you will receive automated notifications for expiring certificates to simplify compliance management and employee selection. All tracking and reporting insights are accessible at any time and always up-to-date. This way, you stay on course and can quickly adjust if needed.

Reporting & Insights, compliance - Solutions
Qualification insights
Reporting overviews per individual, team, all and qualification
Report downloads
Download reports in Excel format 
Centralised notification inbox
Get an overview of important notifications and tasks in one central location
Effective Compliance matters
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Don't just take our word for it:

With Studytube, we track the outcomes of learning. We go beyond just the number of completed trainings. We also examine data that indicates the growth of a team over the course of a year. For instance, the progression into a leadership role following a development program.

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Leanne Pantjes

Adviser, Digital Learning & Development

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With Studytube, managing the development of our 25,000 temporary workers has become clear and manageable. The automation of this previously complex process is a relief.

Lisa Bruins
Lisa Bruins

Senior HR Business Partner

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We've noticed that it's great for employees to have one central learning environment with Studytube where they can work on their development. The platform also provides highly personalised suggestions and is intuitive to use.

Adriaan de Boer

Senior HR Business Partner

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