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how to organise learning at-scale, with ease

Compliance, LMS - BenefitCard
Benefit from compliance made easy
Our platform simplifies compliance with advanced AI, going beyond basic automation. It's tailored for compliance tasks, ensuring time savings, quality, and control, eliminating the headache of organising compliance.
Automate time-consuming processes, LMS - BenefitCard
Automate time-consuming processes
Revolutionise L&D with our Learning Management System: automate content assignment, onboarding, and feedback. Tailor each learning journey, saving time and enhancing engagement. Smart automation elevates your strategy efficiently.
Tailor learning offeringate time-consuming processes, LMS - BenefitCard
Tailor your learning offering
Manage learning interventions and training partners for tailored offerings that meet your organisation's unique needs. Centralise procurement to enjoy bulk discounts and align learning efficiently.

Streamlined user management

Streamline permissions for learner groups with user management automation that grows with you. Our flexible system easily organises learning across teams and individuals, saving you time and frustration.

Streamline User Management, LMS - Capabilities
User provisioning & synchronisation
Automatically provision user accounts via integrations with over 200 HRIS systems.
Self registration
Invite your users to self register for your academy.
Provide a seamless login experience for your users.
Fine-grained access rights
Delegate management while staying GDPR compliant.
Teams & groups
Manage rights, content visibility, qualification requirements and content assignments through teams.
Advanced roles
Set up fine grained access right so you can delegate learning management.
Custom fields
Manage complex organisational needs and personal preferences through custom fields.
Manage your company hierarchy through team-in-teams.

Skill management

For years, aligning skill-based learning with company needs and processes seemed out of reach. Now, our skill management effortlessly matches content to skills, providing insights and options to use existing materials or our AI tools for a custom fit.

Skill Management, LMS - Capabilities
Existing company job profiles
Import your existing job profiles to help build your company's skills ontology.
Organisation-specific skill campaigns
Upskill your employees for certain themes using our organisation-specific skill campaigns.
Laws, regulations and policy campaigns
Create and assign skills/qualifications to cover regulatory and compliance needs.
Existing company skill matrices
Import your existing skill matrix with ontology and mapping to roles to the Studytube platform.
AI-powered skills ontology
Let AI help create your skills ontology, a structured overview of all relevant skills for your organisation with hierarchies and underlying relationships.
Catalogue skills tagging
AI driven tagging of your content library.
Customisable content recommendations
Choose exactly which learnings should get prioritised or even made mandatory for each skill, at a certain level.
Feedback process management
Manage how the feedback process works at your company, what is being asked, to whom and when, in an easy & automated way.

Mandatory training & qualifications tracking

Centralise compliance with Studytube's digital platform. Automate to save time and reduce costs with our expertise in compliance-heavy industries for easier compliance management.

Track mandatory training, LMS - Capabilities
Automated enrolment
Enrol users to events automatically based on role, team, learning completion and other events.
Manual approval
Manual approval by team managers or colleagues.
Qualification insights
Offer personalised content recommendations based on skill gaps to help all employees perform their job

Base and repetition validity
Define different requirements for first time and subsequent qualifications.
Fixed and flexible renewal dates
Define your renewal periods to be fixed-date or date-of-achievement.
Option to provide exemption
In case of pregnancy, illness, or other predefined situations.
EPA integration
Let your users import achievements from their EPA (Entrustable Professional Activities) portfolio.
Multiple certification paths
Allow your users to achieve their qualifications through different paths.

Workflow automation

Ease L&D's workload with automation and make your life easier. Automate workflows and free up time to connect, listen and create personal learning experiences. 

Automate Workflow, LMS - Capabilities
Automatically assign content
Automatically assign content based on role, team, learning completion and other events.
Onboarding workflows
Automatically assign new team members to learning tracks and qualifications.
Automated enrolment
Enrol users to events automatically based on role, team, learning completion and other events.
Assign qualifications
Automatically assign content to your learners based on team, role and other attributes.
Automatically send surveys after course and event completion.

Reporting & insights

Sailing blindly on learning prevents you from being in the driver seat. Get the insights you need to act and steer, take stakeholders along and show the value of learning.
Reporting & Insights, LMS - Capabilities
Get insights into your learning through reports.
Qualification insights
Offer personalised content recommendations based on skill gaps to help all employees perform their job

Skill progression insights
Give your learners, managers and management insight into the state and development of skills

Notifications and communication

Connect with learners and inspire ownership using our communication tools to inform and update. Automate interactions, save time, and keep everyone informed on that which matters most.
Notifcations, LMS - Capabilities
Email & notifications
Get notified about upcoming deadlines, events and qualifications status.
Email digest
Engage your users with a weekly or monthly email with new and featured content.
Centralised notification inbox
Get an overview of important notifications and tasks in one central location.

Budget management & approvals

Facilitate responsible L&D investments with our budget tools, shedding light on department and individual spend, and filling skill gaps to foster ownership.
Budget Management, LMS - Capabilities
Internal budgets
Manage multiple company/department budgets.
Personal budgets
Empower your employees with personal budgets.
Budget utilisation insights
See if and for what skill development your learning budget is used.

Trusted, secure & compliant

Trust in our commitment to data security, GDPR compliance, and accessibility, embedded in our operations and affirmed by our ISO 27001 and WCAG AA certifications.
Data Security, LMS - Capabilities
GDPR compliant
GDPR compliant and hosted locally in EU/DACH region.
ISO 27001 compliant
Yearly audit ensures we adhere to the ISO 27001 data security guidelines.
Secure by design
Automated security checks and monitoring and regular pen tests.
Secure access management
Multi Factor Authorization (MFA) and Single Sign On (SSO) are supported.

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Sandy de Lange

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We were looking for a user-friendly learning platform where employees can easily search for and book their own trainings. We found that with Studytube.

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Danielle Wiegers

Director Corporate HR

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To provide employees with the right development opportunities, I searched for a learning platform that had a wide range of learning options, the ability to offer blended learning, and also the flexibility to add custom content. Studytube offers those capabilities.

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Inge Thus

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