Give your pedagogical staff the right knowledge and skills

Towards a high-quality learning policy

In childcare organisations, learning is becoming more and more compulsory. For example, legislation and regulations impose high-level requirements on the knowledge and skills of pedagogical employees. Due to regular national policy changes, additional qualification requirements and professional registrations, as a childcare organisation, you want to ensure that your employees always have the right competencies.

It is up to you to set up an appropriate and qualitative learning and development policy as efficiently as possible, so that you do not lose any time in administrative tasks, and can focus on providing a top-quality service.

These childcare organisations develop their pedagogical staff with Studytube

  • Wij zijn JONG
  • BLOS
  • Kind & Co

Always the right knowledge and skills

With Studytube, you can be sure that all your employees will get started with the correct knowledge and skills – and therefore the required certifications. This way, your childcare organisation guarantees high quality.

  • A complete learning offer including all mandatory training courses - both online and in classrooms at one of the affiliated trainers;
  • A specific online training library for the childcare sector, which allows your employees to follow mandatory training courses in their own time and at their own pace;
  • Onboarding programmes that you can easily create yourself and assign to new employees, so they can start quickly with the right knowledge and starting qualifications (e.g. language requirement 3F or VVE);
  • Rich reports that give you real-time insight into the knowledge and skills of your employees, such as standard reports for the GGD check for registration in the National Childcare Register (LRK).

Learn where and when you want

"Our staff needed a learning environment where they could learn anytime, anywhere, without having to ask permission from different people first. Ultimately, we ended up with Studytube."

Ronald Brekelmans
Advisor organisational development
Wij zijn JONG

Organise learning efficiently

Studytube provides enormous time savings and ease in the organisation and implementation of your learning policy. The streamlining and automation of all processes removes the administrative burden. Things like communication about training courses, requesting reports and managing certificates become a piece of cake. 

  • Monthly automatic reports to branch managers on expiring certifications, as well as annual reports for the GGD check;
  • Qualification management, including storing certificates in files for inspection, automatic requests for recertification, and a direct link between all certificates and your staff system;
  • A convenient arrangement for all communication about your learning policy, such as invitations to training courses, automatic scheduling of training courses in your calendar, and automatic messaging;
  • Reports and overviews that give you insight into who has attended which training courses, and who has obtained which certificates;
  • The learning platform gives regions insight into regionally developed content, enabling them to centrally facilitate content exchange and connections.

Webinar: “How Wij zijn JONG organises learning & development efficiently”

Flexible learning

Studytube makes the learning process of your employees more flexible. With Studytube, they can learn independent of time and place, which means that after a day's work with the children, they no longer have to attend training sessions at a fixed location during their free time. This makes mandatory training easier and less stressful.

  • Device-independent learning, so you can follow courses on a tablet, phone and/or laptop;
  • Employees follow the online (and often theoretical) part of a training course at a time that suits them and the team;
  • Online soft-skill training courses that allow your employees to develop themselves more broadly;
  • The Learning Experience Platform gives employees insight into their obligations and inspiration to supplement them with optional courses for their personal development. 

The childcare sector needs training in order to consistently deliver the top quality required. Discover how Studytube helps with that.