Learning Experience for healthcare professionals

Take control of your own development

The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly. Those shifts include the redistribution of tasks, the growth of medical technology, specialisations, high pressure, and a shortage on the labour market. Their impact is strongly reflected in the corresponding learning landscape. Traditional forms of education and e-learning are no longer sufficient as a solution to keep healthcare professionals qualified and competent.

That is why it is important to inspire healthcare professionals to take control of their own development, have and take more responsibility, and build towards their future. However, that is only possible with the right learning tools and a stimulating learning culture.

Together with Noordhoff, our learning partner for the healthcare sector, we make learning and development as easy and accessible as possible. Both of us encourage lifelong learning and focus on each professional's full potential. Based on those core ideas, we decided to join forces.

These healthcare clients are already investing in their future

  • Meander Groep
  • Mee Groep
  • Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit
  • Kennemerhart
  • CZ

Get started with the right knowledge

Keep your skills up to date:

  • An online training library with healthcare-specific content for hospitals and healthcare institions, supplemented with personal development courses.
  • Through the Learning Experience Platform, healthcare professionals gain real-time insight into their learning curve and progress. 
  • Smart algorithms highlight relevant trainings, based on your own learning behaviour and that of your colleagues.

How MeanderGroep allows their employees to learn at work

"At MeanderGroep, most employees work in healthcare. They are assessed once every three years. During that process, employees take as much responsibility as possible."

Modern, intuitive and accessible

Studytube provides excellent support regarding personal development and specialised knowledge for healthcare professionals. In doing so, we make learning and development in the healthcare sector as easy and accessible as possible.

  • A Learning Experience Platform and learning management system combined in one online environment, that enables healthcare professionals to experience a smoother onboarding process, deepen and broaden their knowledge and skill set, and invest in their personal development.
  • An authoring tool that allows you to easily convert onboarding programmes and learning goals into interactive e-learnings.
  • Browse an extensive range of courses โ€“ from e-learnings, microlearnings and workplace support to face-to-face trainings and social learning opportunities.

Would you like to know how Studytube & Noordhoff can prepare your healthcare institution for the future?