A fully integrated ecosystem 

Integrate your current digital infrastructure seamlessly into Studytube's learning platform.

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It is very easy to create links between your digital infrastructure and Studytube's learning platform. You can give your employees access to our platform in no time via their existing company login, and you can automatically load personal data and certificates, thanks to a link with your HRM system - and much more.

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HR systems

Hr Systems

Our advanced learning platform easily links with virtually any HR system. We have already realised this link for more than 250 customers. For example, you only have to create new users once; afterwards, new employees are automatically placed in the LMS and invited to start their development. The platform keeps track of their learning progress at all times, including their skills and certifications.

Single Sign-On

Single sign on

To get employees to learn, you want to optimise their user experience and remove as many barriers as possible. Logging in again and again is one of them. That is why we use a Single Sign-On (SSO). This ensures that your employees have direct access to their personal learning environments, and it prevents unwanted login attempts.



The intranet is often the heart of the organisation, where you gather and share important information with your employees. Many of our customers not only post a link to our learning platform over there, but also recommended and popular courses, or stories of employees who have successfully completed a training. Do you also want to use the Intranet to stimulate your employees to work on their development? At Studytube, we provide the right integration for that as well.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

Important business data often reside in multiple systems, spread across different departments or even geographical locations. Manual data entry in spreadsheets is old-fashioned and very prone to errors. Thanks to Studytube, this is definitely a thing of the past. Our platform sends all relevant data directly to the BI tool of your choice, and offers you numerous reporting widgets and innovative features.

Schedule and calendar

Agenda & Kalender

Nothing is more difficult than keeping track of your schedule in different systems. Through Studytube's learning platform, you will receive invitations that you can put directly into your Outlook, Google Calendar or other calendar tools. Whether it is about renewing a certificate or participating in a training course on time: your employees will now be able to properly keep track of their schedules.



Clear and well-organised certificate management is extremely necessary if you want to be compliant as an organisation. Thanks to Studytube's integration with MySQL, each certificate obtained by your employees is automatically processed in your database. This way, you keep an overview and you know exactly who is complying with the legal requirements and regulations.

Online training libraries

Online trainingsbibliotheken

Every organisation has its own culture, job profiles and learning needs. So why choose only one online training library? At Studytube, you select only those courses that suit your organisation. Whether you pick one or more online training providers: we integrate it all easily via SCORM, LTI, xAPI or AICC.

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Training Assistant


The Training Assistant takes care of the entire purchasing process for training and education. Through EDU-DEX and Leer-Rijk, for example, external trainers make a range of courses available to your employees. Together, you can use one system to quickly and easily search for and book quality courses from over 1,000 affiliated external trainers.

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The link between systems and Studytube is mainly based on an API. However, because we do not bet on just one horse, we also link with SFTP and Connectors. 

Are you using a different system? Our experts will be happy to discuss the possibilities of a customised integration.