Implementation of the learning platform

A good start

Goed van start

Studytube wants to be your perfect learning partner and ensure that the implementation of your learning environment goes smoothly. Our Implementation Consultants will help you to translate your organisation's unique learning goals into practice. This way, we can tailor our learning platform completely to your wishes and needs.

Phase 1:
Transfer and kick-off

Fase 1 ÔÇô Overdracht en kick-off

Our proven approach consists of a transfer phase and an implementation phase. Throughout this process, the Implementation Consultant is your main point of contact. During the transfer phase, we will discuss your objectives, curriculum, and all the technical aspects surrounding the platform's setup. Afterwards, we will host a kick-off, during which we will present the results to the project team.

Phase 2:

Fase 2 ÔÇô Implementatie

Welcome to the implementation phase! It is time to execute your strategy. First, our Implementation Consultant will support you during the configuration process, including the definition of your corporate style and all default settings. At the same time, we will help you complete the technical setup of the platform, such as the transfer of existing data and links to your (HR) systems. Moreover, our Learning Consultant will work with you to make sure that your customised course library matches your organisation's learning needs.

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Fase 3:
On to Customer Success

Op naar Customer Success

Congratulations! Your learning platform is now ready to use. Together, we will continue to write your organisation's success story. Our Customer Success Managers will keep giving you advice and support, so that you and your employees can make the most out of your brand-new learning platform.

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After the implementation process, our Customer Success Managers are ready to make your learning platform a success.