The right knowledge for the perfect service

Top quality through training

The working landscape is constantly changing under the influence of technological developments such as digitisation and automation. This has implications for general business operations and the adaptability of employees. After all, now that the economy is picking up, organisations are looking for specific competencies that their own staff do not have – even though they are your most important assets in the battle for the customer. By specifically retraining them, you not only guarantee a top-quality service, but also satisfied clients and a stronger competitive position.

These business service providers are already working on their future with Studytube

  • Centric
  • Eiffel
  • Motion
  • Central point
  • Arrange Group
  • BMC

Insight, always and everywhere

Thanks to Studytube's learning platform, you will always have insight into your employees' learning activities, qualifications and certificates. Consequently, you will know immediately who has the right skill set, and who needs to brush up their knowledge.

  • Certificate management, including storing certificates in files, automatic requests for recertification, and a direct link between all certificates and your staff system.
  • Reports and overviews that give you insight into who has attended which training courses, and who has obtained which certificates.
  • Personal dashboards for employees and their managers, who can use these to stimulate, monitor and adjust the learning process of their team members.
  • Comprehensive reports that help you determine who has the most appropriate skills – or who needs to update their knowledge – for a specific assignment.

The story of BMC Consulting and Studytube

Knowledge of today and tomorrow

With Studytube, your employees can easily find and book internal and external training courses. This will make them more employable, and you will be able to meet the changing demands of today and of the future.

  • Through the Learning Experience Platform, employees not only get insight into their mandatory training courses, but also inspiration to enrich their personal development with interesting optional courses.
  • A broad and relevant learning offer, consisting of the online training libraries of your choice, possibly supplemented with your own learning content. Still looking for additional external training? Thanks to our Training Assistant, you can find, book and invoice them in no time.
  • A specific online training library for the business services sector that allows your employees to acquire the most up-to-date knowledge within their sector in their own time and at their own pace.

Good employment practices and a strong employer brand

A broad and relevant range of learning opportunities is an essential part of being a good employer and having a strong employer brand. Young people in particular are increasingly choosing to work for an organisation where they can freely invest in their personal and professional growth. But the older generations should continue to learn as well, because of the constant demand for new and modern skills. With Studytube, you easily meet all those different learning needs.

  • A learning offer with not only compulsory trainings, but also a wide range of soft-skill courses, which you can use to improve the sustainable employability of your employees.
  • An intuitive authoring tool to create your own online courses, so you can easily store and spread valuable knowledge among your colleagues.
  • With the fully equipped learning environment in your own corporate style, you not only contribute to the versatility of your employees, but you also build a strong employer brand and good employment practices.

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