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The Learning Experience Platform is an inspiring and user-friendly learning environment where employees can easily search, book and follow training courses - wherever and whenever they want. Thanks to our smart technology, the platform makes suggestions based on their preferences. This way, you can be sure that you are giving your employees a personalised learning experience.

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A personalised learning experience

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At Studytube, we do not believe in a 'one size fits all' solution. That is why our Learning Experience Platform is designed to give each employee a personalised learning experience. For example, they can indicate their interests in advance, after which the system makes relevant suggestions based on these preferences, the employee's profile, their learning behaviour, and popular training courses within the organisation.

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Inspire your employees to learn

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We developed the discovery page for employees who proactively want to learn and explore. From short microlearnings to complete (online) training courses: everything is presented based on specific search criteria and the learning behaviour of both the employee and their colleagues.

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Make learning social

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Discussions with colleagues, peer reviews, and employees uploading content: these are examples of social learning that you can facilitate and stimulate with our learning platform. Employees can also easily ask questions via a discussion forum and follow an online training course together, during which they are able to actively consult each other. And if you really are a social animal, tag a colleague to make them aware of a specific training.

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Search and filter easily

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Finding the right training can be very time-consuming for employees, especially given the wide variety of available courses. Not with Studytube! Using Google as an example, we designed our search function in such a way that your search results already appear while you are typing. In addition, the system searches across different types of learning and 'learns' from other users' search behaviour. Do your employees prefer to browse on their own? Our handy filter options make it easy to find that specific online or classroom training.

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Insight into own development

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On the Learning Experience Platform, employees can see the status of their completed, active and pending courses. They also have insight into (mandatory) qualifications and certificates. With this personal development file, you can confidently place the control of your employees' learning processes in their own hands.

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Completely in your own corporate style

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The Studytube Learning & Development Monitor 2021 shows that organisations are mostly investing in L&D for employee retention. We like to take this into account, which is why you can set up our Learning Experience Platform entirely according to your own corporate style. This way, you can simultaneously build towards the future of your employees and strengthen your employer brand.

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